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Wireless network

Bring your own computer to campus and connect to the wireless network. You can put your laptop in a safe-deposit box if you do not want to carry it all day (In Karlskrona there are safe-deposit boxes in the hallway between the reception (building A) and the library (building H).)

Where can I connect?

You can connect to the wireless network on all campuses in all of BTH's premises.

Note: BTH´s wired and wireless network has different rules for accessing different systems and services. For that reason is it important to shut down the wireless network when you use a wired connection, otherwise your computer will try to connect to services not accessable. Your computer can be very slow when it is in this wait mode.

What do I need?

You can connect your computer, mobile phone or other devices such as surf boards to BTH's wireless network.

You need a computer that is equipped with a wireless network card. (BTH's equipment supports 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n). Information on what your card is using is normally found on the card.) You also need a student account to access the wireless network.


Which networks can I use?

Eduroam - for BTH students and for students from other paticipating institutions.

Eduroam- username and password

First, you have to generate an eduroam-password via https://studentportal.bth.se/web/studentportal.nsf/web.xsp/generate_eduroam_password. The password is displayed on your screen, but also sent as an e-mail and SMS (to the phone number registered in the Student portal).

The password is changed for each collection. When you get a new password you need to change at all configured devices (computer, mobile phone or other device).

The username for eduroam is xxxx12@eduroam.bth.se (replace xxxx12 with your username).

How do I log in?

  • Go to https://cat.eduroam.org
  • Select "Blekinge Institute of Technology"

  • Click on the button "download your eduroam installer"

  • Download the installation allation package

  • Log in as above

There is an instalaltion app even for Android. Sometimes you need to just manually type in like below (can differ from phone to phone):
Network:  Eduroam
Security:  802.1x EAP
EAP method:  PEAP
Phase2:  MSCHAPv2
CA-certificate:  Leave blank
Identity:  userID@eduroam.bth.se
Anonymous Identity:  
Password:   Your password that you have generated in Student portal

For computer without internet connection

If you do not have a internet connection and can not download above installation package your can:

  • Install from wireless network BTH (you can reach the installation page from here)

  • Install from another network (at home or another free network)

  • Share your mobile network to connect.

  • Download the installation-file from another computer and move via USB.