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Virtual desktops (VDI)VMware View client

The student desktop environment at BTH is largely virtualized and entirely server-based. The technique is called VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. In practice this means that the software is not installed locally on each computer, but both clients and the software is centrally located in the IT environment.

VDI makes it possible to create different environments tailored to the area of use, which means you can choose the computing environment when you login depending on which software you want to use. It also means that the software is completely independent of the physical computer and where it placed - all virtual environments can be used on all student workstations.

How can I access a virtual desktop?

In BTH common computer rooms and in the hallways there are zero clients that automatically connect to the virtual environment when you login.

The library has student desktops where you can start an application (VMware View Client) to connect to the virtual environment.

You can also bring your own computer to campus and connect through it. Then you need to download and install the VMware View Client software on your own computer.

  1. Connect your computer to Eduroam.
  2. Download VMware Horizon View Client, select the operating system on your computer. 
  3. Install the software and  enter viewgw1.student.bth.se as server name.
  4. Connect as descibed below.

To login and connect to a virtual desktop

Logn with your student account at the STUDENTS domain. A menu box will appear where you select the virtual environment you wish to use. Currently there are two virtual environments published:

  • Education - contains all software needed for tuition in computer environment, i. e. software for development, programming, simulation, mathematics, statistics etc.
  • Library - software for chat,  communication and search features. 

Personal settings

When you use the virtual environment new personal settings will be created for you. It also means that it may take a little longer the first time you log in, or start an application as personalized settings are created. When you log out, these settings will be saved and the next time you log in, they will be loaded again. The settings also called your "personal profile".