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Student computers at BTH

Where can I find student computers?

Computer rooms
  • C244    - 14
  • G312A - 16
  • G312B - 16
  • G513    - 32 (cad-sal)
  • H320    - 8
  • H321    - 32
  • H322    - 28
Hallway computers
  • Building C - 1
  • Building D - 1
  • Building G - 4
  • Building H - 1
Library Karlskrona
  • Search computers - 2
  • Student computers - 20
Karlshamn house 3 (open room)
  • Student computers - 1
Computer room

The names of the computer rooms are made up of a combination of a letter and three numbers, in which the letter represents the building and the number represents the room.

Physical and Virtual desktop computers

A student computer is either physcial or virtual. On the physical computers the software is installed locally on the computer.

On the virtual computers you access the software via a remote server instead of a local drive, and therefore several desktop environments are available on the same computer. Each time you log on to a virtual computer you can choose which environment you wish to use. You can see the virtual environments and their contents in the menu to the left.

Read more about the virtual desktop Environment

Equipment and availability

Multifunction printers can be found in the hallway outside the computer rooms. Click on "Printing and copying" in the menu to the left to read more.

All computer rooms and hallway computers are available around the clock. You will need a valid BTH card to enter the computer rooms.


All computer rooms can be booked for teaching. Only staff at BTH can book computer rooms. A booking schedule is on the door to all rooms. If the computer room is booked for tuition, you can use computers that are not occupied if the supervisor permits it.