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Your personal home folder (J:)

All students at the university are allotted a personal folder on a central file server where you can store files and documents. Daily security copies are made on your home folder, and therefore you should save all your work there.  If for some reason you should lose your files IT Helpdesk will help you to restore them. 

You will find your home folder on drive J. To access it, click "Computer" on the start menu. In the window that appears you will find all drives that you have access to.

When you open J: you will find some ready-made folders:

  • office - you can put office documents here.
  • www - this is the folder you use for your personal home page.

Limited storage space (quota)

Your personal space is 300 Mb and is located on a central server. If you are having trouble saving documents on your J: you should check your quota.

How do I check my quota?

Double-click on My Computer and highlight your J:. Right-click and choose Properties in the meny. A new window opens where you can see the amount of storage space you have used.

To access J: off campus

If you need to retrieve files and documents on J: when you are off campus you can use the VPN service http://vpn.bth.se/student Log in with your student account.