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BTH is shifting learning platform to Canvas

Why? The short version

BTH, together with 17 other universities around Sweden, has procured a new learning platform. In the mutual procurement, which SUNET was the leader of, the company Instructure won with their product called Canvas. 


When will this happen?

Some courses will run in Canvas already during the last half of this semester. At the start of the next semester, bth.itslearning.com and bth.se/lms will close entirely (15 September) and all courses will be run in Canvas.


What does this mean to me?

If you have finished courses, you don’t have to do anything about them. However, if you have semi-finished courses, where you’ve uploaded and received grades in some examinations but not all, you need to make sure that you have the files saved to your own computer. The course will re-appear in Canvas eventually after you’re re-registered. After that you must ask your course director for assistance in how to proceed. The simplest way to solve this is of course, if possibly, to complete the course before itslearning closes.


Why? The longer version

Lag (2016:1145) om offentlig upphandling (En: Law of public procurement) requires all Swedish governments to procure and negotiate all their external services from time to time. SUNET, Swedish University Computer Network, completed a procurement about learning platforms where BTH and 17 other universities took part. The process requires the buyer to first come up with certain criteria’s and an assessment matrix. In this case, the criteria were e.g.  availability and ease of usage for students and teachers, interface, API, add-on products and communication with other systems, administration options, the cost etc. When the criteria’s and a grading scale was decided, and the procurement started, a total of 9 different companies sent in offers for their products. Itslearning, D2L (Desire2Learn), Blackboard and Instructure stood at the top and finally Instructure’s product Canvas received the most point in the pre-decided grading scale. 

I feel I need to know more.

All questions are directed to the page on the student’s portal about change of learning platform.

Kind regards, 

Albin Nilsson Studentkåren ordforande@bthstudent.se 

Christina Hansson, system administrator Canvas. chn@bth.se

Lasse Bourelius, system owner Canvas. leb@bth.se