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Plagiarism and cheating

It is important that each examination taken by you contains your own arguments and formulations. When you use other texts or ideas from literature/internet you have to state source in a correct manner. This also applies to your own texts that you have produced earlier. Plagiarism includes for example copying text from the internet, books, journals or other sources without stating the source, or presenting an idea/work as your own, even if it is taken directly from another source.

If the student is suspected of cheating, this will be reported to the Vice-Chancellor and the case will be issued in the Disciplinary Committee. Possible disciplinary measures imposed as a consequence of attempt to cheat are: formal warning and suspension from participation in class and examination during a period of six months. All kinds of cheating during laboratory work, written exercises, essays and oral examinations, are considered equally serious at Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH.

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Refero - anti-plagiarism tutorial

Refero is an online guide that is designed to help you as a student to understand what plagiarism is. You also get tips on how to quote and paraphrase correctly to avoid plagiarism.

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