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When you arrive to Sweden and at BTH you will need to arrange a few practicalities. See below checklist for general information and read the Practical guide for more detailed information before and upon arrival. If you are not able to arrive in time please read "Late arrival information". Note! Some of the administrative procedures may be different for Erasmus students. More information for these students will be provided by the International coordinator at International Office.

Student account

  • Log in to the Student Portal

  • Register your courses/program 

  • Change to your Swedish address 

Residence permit

  • Please note that you have to apply for a residence permit on your own!

  • You can find all the necessary information about how to apply for a residence permit on the Swedish Migration Board's website.

  • Any questions regarding the process must be directed to the Swedish Migration Board or the Embassy in your country. BTH does not have any influence over other authorities' work.

Living arrangements

  • Make sure that you have arranged your living before arriving to Sweden! If you have questions about this please contact the Student Union.

  • Note! It is your own responsibility to arrange your living and BTH do not have any influence over the housing companies.

  • When you have arranged your living: go to the housing company from whom you rent and sign the contract, pick up your key etc. 

Swedish civic registration number

  • If you are eligible for a Swedish civic registration number: remember to apply for this at the Tax Office in Karlskrona (Skatteverket). Note! Only for students who have a residence permit for more than one year (more than 12 months, 2 terms are not the same as one year). 


  • Make sure that you have your health insurance in order. More information about what insurance that’s applies for you can be found in Welcome to BTH. You can also read about student health care and health care in Blekinge at “Student Health Service” which you will find on the menu to the left.

  • It is recommended to have a property insurance, read more about this here.

The reception

  • Go to the reception and get your BTH-card.

  • Questions regarding course registrations 

  • Practical information can be given here.

Admission Office 

  • Here you can show your original documents if required


  • After you have registered your courses/program got to Itslearning and read the information the course managers/teachers have published there.


  • The BTH-app is available for Android and Iphone and you can download it from Google Play and App Store by searching for BTH or Blekinge.


  • Go through the practical information for new students about BTHs library

  • Activate your BTH-card for library services at the library.