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Information for you as an incoming Erasmus student at BTH

Things to remember during your stay at BTH

If you make any changes to your original Learning Agreement, it is important that you update it. Please discuss all changes with your Departmental Coordinator(s). They are responsible for signing it and sending it to the International Exchange at Student Affairs Office. The International Exchange will sign the updated Learning Agreement and send it to your home university for approval.

Learning agreement (opens in new window, word documents, 88 KB)

Things to remember before you leave back to your home university

Before leaving, all Erasmus students must fill out an evaluation form. This form should be handed in to International coordinator at International Exchange.

Evaluation form for Erasmus students at BTH (opens in new window, word document, 123 KB)

Learning Agreement.docx88 kbDownload
Evaluation form for Erasmus incoming students at BTH.doc123 kbDownload