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Health care in Blekinge

If you need to consult a doctor (and you are covered by the health insurance) you can make an appointment with the doctor at the local primary health clinic, Vårdcentralen. Vårdcentralen will charge you about SEK 150 for a consultation. You can also contact the Student health center at BTH,

Hospital sign

Vårdcentral (local doctor) in Karlskrona


Wämö vårdcentral 0455-73 54 30

For students living in Kungsmarken, Marieberg, Minerva, Galgamarken.

Kungsmarkens vårdcentral (Precare) 0455-61 94 00

For students living in Kungsmarken.

Trossö vårdcentral 0455-73 57 55

For students living in Karlskrona centrum

Lyckeby vårdcentral 0455-73 55 00


Vårdcentral (local doctor) in Ronneby


Capio citykliniken 0457-340 70

For students living on Folkparksvägen.

Ronneby Vårdcentral 0457 73 14 00

For students living in Hjorthöjden, Brunnsvillorna.