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Study abroad - broaden your horizons!

As a student of BTH, you have the opportunity to spend a part of your education abroad. You have the opportunity to study in a new academic environment, the chance to read the specific courses that are not offered at BTH and gain new perspectives and angles in your subject area. Moreover, it is a good way to obtain the international experience, improve your language skills and increase understanding of the cultures and societies.

International exchange

At International Office at the Student Affairs Office, J-house, floor 2, you can get information about student exchanges and the agreements that BTH has with other universities. We have the administrative responsibility of the whole exchange process.

If you are interested in going on exchange studies, feel free to contact us.  Please also remember to talk with your program manager or study adviser.

Before booking an appointment with international coordinators or study and career advisor, please think about the following questions:

  •     Why do you want to study abroad?
  •     What can you study?
  •     Which semester within your program is best suited for an exchange semester?
  •     In which country you would like to study?
  •      How is your language skill?


Visit us during our opening hours or contact us via email!

Opening hours:  Tuesday 09.00-11.00

                           Thursday 09.00-11.00


Carmen Constantinescu, International Coordinator

Works with: Student IN/Student OUT

Phone: 0455-38 58 93

E-mail: in.exchange@bth.se

Åsa Bejdevi, International Coordinator 

Works with: Student OUT

Phone: 0455-38 56 07

E-mail: out.exchange@bth.se

Jessica Mattsson, International Coordinator 

Works with: Student IN

Phone: 0455-38 55 27

E-mail: in.exchange@bth.se

Please contact the Study and Career Advisers if you need to discuss your courses during the exchange period.