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Erasmus +

Erasmus + is an EU-funded program that promotes international cooperation within education, youth and sport. The program offers students on undergraduate or graduate level opportunities for financial support for studies 3-12 months and / or traineeship 2-12 months.  In order to be able to apply for Erasmus studies or Erasmus traineeship, students have to be enrolled in an institution of higher education in Sweden at the time of application. Erasmus studies will be carried out before the final exam is taken out. Students applying for the Erasmus traineeship are able to participate in the traineeship even after the graduation, but they have to apply for Erasmus traineeship while they are still registered students.

To be eligible for the Erasmus + exchange students must be registered full-time students at BTH and have at least 60 ECTS credits completed. For Erasmus traineeship: except that you are full time student at BTH, you have to be registered on the C-or D-level.

Erasmus studies +

As an Erasmus student, you study at a university in another European country for 3-12 months, without paying any tuition fee.  For Erasmus studies mobility period you will be given full academic recognition for satisfactorily completed activities as agreed in the Learning Agreement. Learning Agreement with your course choices has to be approved and signed by your programme manager and the international coordinator at BTH before departure.

Scholarship: 315-375 € / month (different scholarships for different countries)

Erasmus + traineeship

Erasmus traineeship gives you the chance to apply for a grant for internships or thesis work abroad in any of the 30 other countries that are included in the Erasmus program. Before submitting an application, you must have made contact with a company or organization and confirmed that you are welcome to practice there, stated in the Training Agreement and Quality Commitment form.

You must practice for at least 2 months and at most 12 months to be considered for the scholarship. Your traineeship should be credited in your education at BTH. Therefore, you must, before you begin your traineeship, get along with your department or programme manager about how the internship will be counted towards your degree.  

Scholarship: 465-525 € / month (different scholarship amounts for different countries)