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Request for digital exam copy.

You can request a digital exam copy if you want to look at an examination you have done by using the e-form below. You do not have to send more than one (1) request and please fill in the requested information, for example course code and date of examination, thoroughly! 

Note! The teacher/examiner have 15 weekdays, after the date of examination, to correct the examination and before you send your request for a digital exam copy the grades have to be in Ladok. Observe that not all examinations are at Studentcentrum in the reception since the teacher is not required to hand in examinations to Studentcentrum. In that case you will be informed via e-mail after request for digital exam copy. 

Request for digital exam copy

Please note that from August we scan written exams to Studentportal.
If your examination has been scanned you will find it under "Examination"-"Scanned examination papers".