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Change in studies.

Below you will find application forms (e-forms) regarding change in studies. To be able to handle your application as effective as possible we ask that you fill in the e-form as thoroughly as possible. If you have questions regarding your application please read What happens with my application?

Application for deferment 

Application for study break 

Application for admission to later part of programme

Notification of interruption of study

Application for re-registration for a course

Application form for course within program for registration

Here you will find the application form for course within program for registration. The form should be used by you who were previously not qualified for a course within the program but where you now meet the prerequisites.

You need to find out when the course is given the next time. You can get help through the programme overview http://edu.bth.se/utbildning/programoversikt.asp?lang=en

Send the application form to antagning@bth.se

Form "Application form for course within program for registration"