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BTH Card

All students who are admitted for a course or a programme at BTH during current semester can get a BTH Card. You will get your BTH card in the reception, House A. To get your BTH Card you have to take a photo when you visit the reception and show an approved identification in the form of a passport or a driver's license. 

If you are admitted to a programme which is more than one year (more than 2 semesters) you are entitled to have a Swedish Social Security number (when you have received the letter from the Tax Office; bring the letter to the reception and update your social security number before applying for the BTH Card). 

The card is not given to online students if they can not come to campus Gräsvik. The card is voluntary and free of charge, but if you lose it you have to pay 50 Swedish kronor to get a new card. If you have lost your card it is recommended to block it so no one else can use your card. This is done at "My e-services"; "Block BTH Card".

The BTH-card functions as:

  • Access card to BTHs locations

  • Identification card on campus

  • Identification on examinations and labs

  • Identification at Blekinge Student Union

  • To print out on BTH printers

  • Library card - If you want to use the card as a library card you have to activate first at the library information desk.

Note! The BTH card is not for student discounts. The functions for the card is only what is mentioned above.