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What happens with my application?

In order for your application to be completed, you must confirm. You do this by browsing to the URL that is sent in an e-mail message to the e-mail address you entered in your application form. If the message by e-mail does not come within a couple of hours, check if it ended up in the SPAM or any of your other folders. You must confirm within 48 hours. Once you have confirmed you will get a number for your assignment. Please note that this is information does not apply to a “Notification of interruption of study”.

All decisions are made by responsible Department, if you need to supplement the application you will be notified by e-mail and then you have three weeks to respond, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Information regarding the status cannot be obtained at the reception. You will receive answers by e-mail.

Re-registration for a course: If you do not pass a course at the first opportunity, it is possible to complete the course at a later date if the course is still running and there are seats available on the course. If your application is approved you will automatically be re-registered on the course in Ladok. Please notice that you do not get access to the course in itslearning. Contact course responsible to be enrolled in itslearning.

Please note that it takes time to process an application, in most cases 1-3 weeks for re-registration for a course. Application for a degree 4-5 weeks, from the day that the application is complete, while crediting usually takes more time. At the start of a new semester and during summer and Christmas it may take extra time to process an application.