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How to appeal

The following decisions relating to university studies can be appealed against to the Board of Appeal of the university.

  • A decision regarding an applicant who does not meet the requirements for qualification or the decision not to make any exceptions regarding the issue.
  • A decision regarding the possibility to count in a specific course.
  • A rejection of a student's demand to be exempted from a compulsory element within the training programme.
  • A decision to cancel the resources towards a doctoral candidate's research study or a decision that the doctoral candidate should not get his resources reinstated.
  • A decision to claim back a doctoral candidate's training allowance.
  • A rejection of a student's request to receive degree- or training certificates.
  • A decision not to grant a student admitted to first or second level education the right to defer the beginning of her or his studies or to resume her or his studies after an interruption.


You should send your appeal to Blekinge Institute of Technology. If you have made an application to the National Agency for Services to Universities and University Colleges (Universityadmissions.se), then the appeal should be sent there. The appeal should have reached the university within three weeks from the day you received the decision.

In your appeal, you should specify:

  • which decision you are appealing against.
  • which modification within the decision you want to enforce.
  • state why you deem the decision to be erroneous.

The appeal should be in writing and forwarded to the Board of Appeal of the university, addressed to:

Blekinge Tekniska Högskola